Short Bio

I was born in Monza in August 1991. I got my master degree cum laude in Computer Science engineering on April 2016 at Politecnico di Milano, with a thesis about designing a predicated grammar for X.509 Digital Certificates in order to improve accuracy of existing implementations. Later, I have started a PhD since November 2016 in the same university. I am currently working in the polimi [cryptography group], mainly with Alessandro Barenghi and Gerardo Pelosi, strongly focusing on Homomorphic Encryption, but also on other topics addressed by my group, like Language Theoretic Security and Side-Channel attacks. Apart from my research activity, I enjoy playing Capture The Flag (CTF) competitions, even if it has been a while since the last time I played one of them. I usually focus both on reversing challenges and on crypto ones. I am also a Chalmerist, attending Chalmers university in Gothenburg for a semester in the last year of my master, under Erasmus+ exchange program. Moreover, during the first year of my master I was in the Board of Administration(BOA) of BEST Milan student association, the polimi local group among the 96 ones of the wide european association BEST. As a BOA member, I contributed to lead the group throughout the year, together with being responsible of the group finances as the elected treasurer.

Personal interests:

  • I am really passionate about motorsport, rarely losing a race of Formula1, MotoGP and Superbike

  • I have become quite interested for a couple of years in card and board games, my favourite one surely being Munchkin (I own The Clone Wars expansion to the original game)

  • I really like Physics, in particular I have always been fascinated by quantum physics since the first time I studied it at high school

  • I really enjoy science divulgation books, in particular my favourite ones are "The Selfish Gene", by Richard Dawkins, and "QED - Quantum ElectroDynamics", by Richard Feynman

  • I love Stanley Kubrick's movies, in particular I consider the clockwork orange to be absolutely the greatest movie I have ever seen

  • My favourite singers are Caparezza and Fabrizio De Andrè, which unluckily cannot be fully appreciated without knowledge of italian language. I enjoy also some rock groups, in particular Dreamtheater, as well as softer music like movies soundtracks or Ludovico Einaudi